Dock Opening

What to Know,,,

  • A facility waiver must be signed
  • Vaccines or titers must be current
  • No loose dogs; dogs must be on leash off Dock
  • Do not visit LIVESTOCK with dogs!
  • No shock collars or prong collars on the dock
  • No bitches in season allowed in the pool
  • No dogs on the property with diarrhea, coughing or vomiting
  • Do not push, pull, throw or in any way force your dog off the dock
  • Please clean up after your dog
  • No food of any kind allowed on the dock or in the pool
  • The owner reserves the right to close access to the pool for any reason
  • Use commonsense, courtesy and good judgment when interacting with other patrons and staff and others utilizing the property and pool
  • Aggressive or unruly dogs or dogs running out of the pool area off leash will be asked to leave

What to bring to the Pool?

  • Favorite floating toy (non-food)
  • Towels
  • Water/Water bowl – for you and your pup
  • Kennel – if needed or if you have more than one dog
  • Dry clothes (you may get wet)
  • Your dog & leash
  • Recommended not to feed your dog at least two hours prior to swimming/events.

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Official North American Diving Dogs Facility