Off Leash Bootcamp: $1550 and includes e-collar ($200 value) and long line

Includes basic commands- sit, down, stay, place, come/recall, heel, wait, both on and off leash!


bootcamp programs are designed for intense training and really gets a great start while working one on one with a trainer. Boot camp programs are over night and allow every aspect to be a learning situation for the dog.

What will make your dog a PRIME K9!?

Private Class:

On leash Private Class- $475 Includes a new training collar and leash

Off Leash Private Class- $675 and includes e-collar ($200 value) â€‹Includes a leash

Protection training,

Sport training, and

Aggression control are available contact us for more info

Training Programs:

Private Classes are one on one with you and your dog.  We meet once a week for 5 weeks.  We can customize the program for what you need, or we can follow our program of sit, down, place, recall, loose leash walking, leave it

On Leash Bootcamp- $1275 Includes a new training collar and leash!

Includes basic commands: sit, down, Place, come/recall, loose leash walking, and wait